Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I may be offline...

...for most, if not all, of Thanksgiving weekend.

I'll be at Loscon, Los Angeles' own science fiction convention. This convention is put on every year by the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society.

After years in beautiful downtown Burbank, we are returning to Los Angeles proper, at the L.A. Airport Marriott hotel.

I'll be helping out here and there, even though, as the Chairman for next year's production, I've followed the advice to avoid getting on staff or committee positions that require me to do anything during the convention itself. I'll be busy promoting next year's Loscon, and selling memberships.

A fannish tradition is that of the "room party". After convention programming hours, people host parties in their hotel rooms, and at least two-thirds of those are to promote upcoming conventions, or bids for proposed conventions. I, of course, will be running a room party.

If I have reasonable access to the Net from the hotel, I may use it. If not, I'll save up some items during the convention and upload them all Monday morning after the exhaustion has started to fade.

These science fiction conventions are a lot of fun, and if you're anywhere near the Los Angeles area, you should consider showing up. (I think a day pass is $25, full membership at the door is $45.)

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