Monday, November 29, 2004

Europe thinks we're nuts...

An article appearing on The American Thinker is "An Open Letter to Europe".

The first line is, "Hi, are you nuts?"

Across Europe, the reaction to the re-election of George Bush has been ... interesting. I, personally, have listened to a non-American describe the US as acting like a small child throwing a tantrum. This same sentiment echoes across much of Europe, as ... it ... throws itself on the floor, kicks, screams, and threatens to hold its breath until it turns blue.

(Hmmm... Are the blue states suffering from oxygen deprivation?)

One great point, though...

Of course, you are entitled to whatever views about us that you care to hold. (And lucky for you we Americans aren't like so many of the Muslims on your own continent; as the late Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh just discovered, make one nasty crack about them and you're likely to get six bullets pumped into your head and a knife plunged into your chest).

Now go read the rest of it.

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