Sunday, September 06, 2009

Van goes

Obama's Green Jobs Czar Van Jones is leaving. He blames the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy™.

How viciously sneaky of the right wing. They dared to use the man's own words against him. As Powerline's John Hinderaker commented, Van Jones was a one-man youtube channel." Really, how underhanded can critics go - using what the guy said himself as evidence against him. That's what can be done now in this age of youtube. Remember macaca? Well, Jones had more than a decade of macaca moments in his past and they kept finding their ways to the internet. How unfair all that payback is, isn't it?

What is really interesting is how the press has covered this whole thing.

The major media has totally ignored it. As Byron York tabulated on Friday when the whole kerfuffle was reaching a crescendo on cable, internet, and talk radio, the network news and nation's two leading newspapers, the Washington Post and the New York Times, hadn't printed a word about the controversy.
...we have the amusing spectacle of a man that the Washington Post's Garance Franke-Ruta and Anne E. Kornblut called "legendary" on Saturday and "towering" on Sunday having to resign. Can't love him enough, can you guys?

Even so, they can barely bring themselves to quote what the guy actually said and did to get people so riled up. Come on, can't these reporters get on the internet and check out Google and youtube for themselves? Or is it just easier to swallow the line that it was right-wingers egged on by Glenn Beck who got rid of this guy?

It's Jeremiah Wright all over again. The Obamanians and their media fans are so deeply perched inside their bubble that they don't think that statements that seem so normal and reasonable to them like Wright's rantings and Jones' musings about white polluters and environmentalists wanting to poison black folk or how the Bush administration used the flag to beat, whip, and lynch anyone opposed to torture. Yeah, because we saw all those folks protesting BushHitler being lynched back in the day. But these sorts of comments didn't seem to ring any sort of alarm bells with the Obama folks, because it's what they're used to hearing all the time. It sounds perfectly sane to them. It's what they read on their websites and hear at their gatherings. Just as Obama didn't seem to notice anything objectionable in Jeremiah Wright's regular preaching, Jones' pseudo-intellectual paranoid explanations of how he sees the world as working didn't seem all that remarkable or worth denying the guy a job as a senior adviser to the President. It was only when it was put through the evil spin of people like Glenn Beck that it suddenly became "lies and distortions to distract and divide."

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