Saturday, September 19, 2009

Conservatives use liberal playbook - Andie Coller and Daniel Libit -

From Politico: Conservatives use liberal playbook - Andie Coller and Daniel Libit

Conservatives are coming for the Democrats on their blind side – the left.

The evidence is everywhere.

At tea parties and town halls, conservative demonstrators oppose health care reform with signs bearing the abortion-rights slogan "Keep your laws off my body" or the line "Obama lies, Grandma dies" – an echo of the "Bush lied, they died" T-shirts worn to protest the Iraq war.

Conservative activists are yelling "Nazi!" and "Big Brother!" where they used to shout "Nanny state!" and "Big Government!"

And the 1971 agitator's handbook "Rules for Radicals" – written by Saul Alinsky, the Chicago community organizer who was the subject of Hillary Clinton's senior thesis, and whose teachings helped shape Barack Obama's work on Chicago's South Side – has been among Amazon's top 100 sellers for the past month, put there in part by people who "also bought" books by Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck,and South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint.

Yes, the same folks who brought you Obama the socialist have been appropriating the words and ways of leftists past – and generally letting their freak flags fly.

Many conservative bloggers think these tactics are stupid.

It's not stupid if it works.

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