Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Politics of Despair: An Interview with John Derbyshire

Bernard Chapin interviews John Derbyshire at PahamasMedia: The Politics of Despair: An Interview with John Derbyshire.

...If politicians operationalized your advice, what would our government then look like? Would it mark the beginning of real hope and change?

John Derbyshire: It would be the restoration of self-government and self-support. It would be the end of the nanny state. It would be the end of humongous programs of government expenditure directed mainly to providing indoor relief for otherwise-unemployable graduates in subjects named "[something] studies." It would be the re-beginning of the American experiment, as the Founders envisaged it -- a republic of free citizens.
...In partial defense of the English, though, welfare socialism can be made to work reasonably well in a country that size if immigration is tightly restricted, which alas it hasn't been. I don't believe it can be made to work in the U.S. under any circumstances. We are too big, with too much demographic variety present from our very creation. Even the mild north-European form of socialism is not for us. It would destroy us. Would, will, because that's where we're headed. We are doomed!

BC: Thanks for your time and good cheer, Mr. Derbyshire.

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