Saturday, September 19, 2009

45000 dead from lack of insurance?

That's the claim of a study appearing in the American Journal of Public Health (unfortunately, the study itself is behind a paywall, so I haven't read it yet.).
A quick googling of one of the researche
rs, Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, shows she's been a passionate advocate of single-payer health coverage for years. Since I haven't read the study yet, I can't say how well she's controlled for a number of possible confounding influences. 
Times Watch has a comment:

Reacting to CBS News' equally unquestioning coverage, the Media Research Center's Brent Baker discovered the impressive Harvard imprimatur was misleading: The report was actually produced by the group Physicians for a National Health Program, which describes itself as "the only national physician organization in the United States dedicated exclusively to implementing a single-payer national health program." Woolhandler is one of five signers of an "Open Letter to President Obama to Support Single-Payer Health Care." Neither the Times nor CBS noticed.

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