Tuesday, August 04, 2009

An ill wind...

Ill indeed is the wind that blows no good to anyone.  According to an article at the National Geographic website, the planet's changing climate may be greening the Sahara desert.

Scientists are now seeing signals that the Sahara desert and surrounding regions are greening due to increasing rainfall.

If sustained, these rains could revitalize drought-ravaged regions, reclaiming them for farming communities.

This desert-shrinking trend is supported by climate models, which predict a return to conditions that turned the Sahara into a lush savanna some 12,000 years ago.

The Sahara desert is larger than the continental U.S.  I suspect the increase in farmland there will more than compensate for the loss of farmland elsewhere. 

Of course, there is one group that will complain bitterly about these changes:  Eco-groups who believe every part of the environment that currently exists is in its pristine form, and any change is degradation.

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