Thursday, August 06, 2009

Water conservation in Los Angeles

From an internal mailing:

The water conservation ordinance has been modified in two ways.

The rate structure will now allocate additional Tier 1 (lower priced) water to properties with horses and to people with disabilities that require unusually high water use.  The prohibited uses were also modified to allow alternate compliance for sports fields and parks.  These facilities would be allowed to water any day of the week if they show an overall conservation level of 20 percent rather than the current goal of 15 percent.

J said the conservation numbers look pretty good.  The overall reduction in use was 14.5 percent in June, the first month under Phase 3, and the July numbers look like they will be in the 12-13 percent range.  The ordinance requires Water System management to evaluate supply and demand conditions and to make recommendations as to the appropriate level of water use restrictions.

If the July numbers come out as expected, the Water System may recommend returning to Phase 2 conservation requirements in September.  This would allow a third day of sprinkler use per week.

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