Sunday, August 09, 2009

The "health care cliff's notes"

Mike Adams at got a copy of the "Cliff's notes", and has written a column about it. This link leads to the full article and the comments, which are also interesting.

In response to one commenter who wrote:

There's no way Adams actually read the entire bill.

He even admits that he: "rephrased many of these statements and put them in the form of several dozen true/false statements".

How stupid does he think you people are - that he can pull these "statements" completely out of context - that he can arbitrarily rephrase many of these statement.

Adams claims to be a "professor", but if this doesn't have a thing to do with scholarship or even basic intelligence.

A "grumpy" person responds:

If, as you imply, Prof. Adams has indeed mislead us with out of context statements then by all means: please place said statements in their correct context so we can see the hideous distortion perpetrated against us.

Given the conveniently provided page numbers (reflecting a scholarly penchant for footnoting, perhaps?) the task would be minimally time intensive.

We shall -- naturally -- be heartfull of gratitude at being rescued from this posturing deceiver who believes us stupid.

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