Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peter Hitchens' Israel Rapid Response Unit

From the Hitchens blog at the London Sunday Mail:

In this post, Hitchens addresses the "wall" between Israel and the Palestinian terrotories, whose claim to any particular territory is legitimate, and the newfound love the Arab states have for the pre-1967 borders.  He closes with:

...I would be more convinced of the genuineness of the partisan passion of persons such as Mr Lawson and his band of inflamed supporters (who rushed in to back him without bothering to read what he and I had written, which small effort would have shown that he was basing at least part of his attack on a misquotation) if they ever concerned themselves with Arab injustice towards Arabs.

For instance, they might condemn explicitly the persecution of Arab Christians by Arab Muslims in Bethlehem, or the Syrian state's mass murder (by artillery) of Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the city of Hama, or the discrimination against Palestinian refugees throughout the Arab world. But they never do. It is always Israel, Israel, Israel. My suspicion, until they show otherwise, is that they are more interested in attacking Israel then in defending unjustly-treated Arabs.

And this it the pattern I see in 99+% of the people attacking Israel. The condemn Israel for relative specks in the eye, and ignore the wooden planks in the eyes of everyone else.

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