Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Death Panels?

Sarah Palin is catching flak over her use of the term "death panels".  Here's what Matt Lewis has to say in response:
Any Truth to Palin's 'Death Panel' Concerns?
Posted by: Matt Lewis at 11:37 AM
Here's a truism of life:  The person who pays the bills is boss. 
When you live at home with mom and dad, they get to tell you how to live.  When a company pays you for work, they generally get to tell you what to do when you're there -- and in some cases -- what to do when you are not there.
Despite all the talk about health decisions being made by doctors and patients -- when government runs health care -- let's be honest -- government will get to make the decisions. 
Yes, I've heard that truism before -- something about pipers and tunes?
So while Sarah Palin's comments probably struck the average person as having come out of nowhere, those who mock the notion that government could -- and would -- eventually ration health care are either being intellectually dishonest -- or are simply not paying attention.

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