Sunday, April 11, 2010

'Spittlegate' and Its Consequences

American Thinker: 'Spittlegate' and Its Consequences
The media response to the Tea Party protest has shown those of us who care just how thoroughly complicit the mainstream media and the Democratic Party have become, and how thoroughly corrupt is that complicity. Between them, with a little help from progressive outposts like the Huffington Post, they manufactured an incident that has discredited the legacy of the civil rights movement and further poisoned race relations in the allegedly post-racial age of Obama.

Doug Ross has done an excellent job putting the larger timeline together and showing how quickly and recklessly the various media and political agents conspired to spread the toxin. Despite the $100,000 award offered by Andrew Breitbart, despite the fact that at least two members of the Black Caucus were recording the march to and fro, not one camera has recorded anyone even whispering the word "nigger."

I would imagine, if any recorded evidence had been available, it would have long ago gone viral. The news media would be giving it the Rodney King treatment – the most egregious portion of it would be on a tape loop, prominently featured at every news break.

From the fact that it's not – draw your own conclusions.

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