Saturday, July 25, 2009

Voter's Remorse

Robert Ringer, author of Winning Through Intimidation and many, many other books, has a daughter.

In this blog post, she confesses to having voted for Obama.
Fast-forward to today — and The Confession: I voted for Obama! That's right, Robert Ringer's strong-minded daughter was swept away by the waves of social convention and a sea of "change" rhetoric. Mortified, I've watched as Obama and his machine have replaced my ideals of liberty with their collectivist agenda.

In the wake of a crashing stock market, a plunging housing market, and an unprecedented economy, the non-specific idea of "change" offered us hope that America would avert more chaos and emerge as a viable player in the modern-day New World Order. Of course, most of us had no idea what the New World Order meant, but it sounded good. So we voted for Community Organizer Obama.

When President Obama emerged, it was like a blitzkrieg on Democracy. Yes, it is a New World Order.

As radio host Herman Cain related:

I started to get a growing sense that more and more people are having voters' regret when one very brave and loyal listener to my radio show called and asked me if I knew what a "mulligan" was. I said yes because I play golf, and it's when you are allowed to take a shot over if you make a bad shot when playing with friends. Jane [the caller] then said, "Mr. Cain, I want a mulligan, because I voted for Barack Obama."

The thing is, his entire program was there for all to see.  But you were much more likely to see it if you read his speeches, rather than listening to his mesmerizing delivery.

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