Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Proof of God?

Dennis Prager's Ultimate Issue today dealt with the question of what could possibly prove the existence of God to everyone.  His position is, there is nothing God can do that would convince everyone.  Even if God appeared to everyone on the planet and said, "Bruce, I'm God", that would only work for a very short time.  Indeed, even if the stars in the sky moved to spell out the message, "I am God", would that do it?  Probably not.
In the works of science fiction, people have endless room to play with ideas.  An author can postulate some weird happening, and ponder the effects if such a happening were to actually take place.  In the story I'm working on, for example, one of the weird happenings is in the middle of a Pagan rite -- all of a suden, the magic circle and the watchtowers at the quarters are plainly visible instead of being seen in the mind's eye.  (I figure the reaction runs the gamut from people finding their faith affirmed to people fleeing in panic to whatever church they were raised in.)  (Another of the weird happenings is communion wine and wafers turning to actual blood and flesh during a Mass.)
A number of books have been written in the Star Trek universe. A couple of them postulate that the Vulcans have an innate sense of the presence of God -- they have, in the back of their minds, a constant "signal" of the presence of God.  To them, this existence is an unquestioned and unquestionable fact. 
But this is no help.  If anything, it raises more questions than it answers.  The existence of God is beyond question, and so the problem of evil becomes intensified.  The author of these particular stories believes absolute proof of the existence of God would do no more than move the goal posts.  Instead of questioning the existence of God, Vulcans instead question the nature of God, his goodness, his wisdom, his ability to make things happen. 
Is God involved with the universe?  Does he care about the intelligent beings that live throughout it?  Or did he wind it up at the beginning and it's now running on its own?
Even if absolute proof of God's existence can be had, people will still doubt precisely what it is that exists.

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