Friday, July 31, 2009

Recognizing Climate Change

Steve Sailer has been hiking in the local hills for nearly half a century.  Global warming hasn't been showing up in the environment he's been hiking through.  The only reason he has to believe it's happening is the incessant global warming awareness campaigns.
I have fairly decent pattern recognition skills. And I've been hiking the same trails on the north side of the Hollywood Hills for the last 45 years. Having grown up in a dry region, I am a big fan of verdant nature, so I pay careful attention to how green the hillsides are at each point in the season.

Now, you might think that I would have noticed evidence in these wooded canyons and sagebrush hillsides of long-term Climate Change. But I haven't.

I am not saying it's not happening. Perhaps there is a long-term trend that remains invisible to me under the much more visible seasonal cycles and the random noise.

What I am saying is that, at least so far, a highly observant and statistically-minded citizen such as myself hasn't noticed Global Warming going on in his own environment. Without the aid of Global Warming Awareness Campaigns, I would never have become aware of Global Warming just by hiking in the same environment decade after decade.
But we have to believe it's happening, and that it's catastrophic and urgent.


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