Saturday, July 25, 2009


(A couple of talk-show hosts are calling the affair "Stupidgate", but I think this describes the focus of the problem more accurately.)

A couple of posts at the American Thinker blog.  First,  when is a hate crime not a hate crime?
Late one night, a black woman living in a predominately white neighborhood was startled awake by the sound of breaking glass. Inside her 4-year-old son's room, she found a brick. Attached to it was a note:  "Keep Eastside White. Keep Eastside Strong." (see photo)
Yes, a clear-cut case of racism. A hate crime. Yet incredibly, the police decided otherwise. Why? Police said the note did not constitute "hate speech." Accordingly, the crime "probably would be criminal mischief and deadly conduct, both misdemeanors," according to police.

No doubt, the brick-throwing incident -- and the police's handling of it -- would surely make a good story for Harvard's Henry Louis Gates, Jr to include in yet another essay or book on America's deep-seated racism. Racism that he recently experienced first-hand.
The forgoing incident, by the way, occurred not long ago in Austin, Texas. However, two small details were changed to make a point: The mother was in fact white, and she was living in a predominately black neighborhood. This may help to explain why police decided there was no hate crime: Hate crimes, of course, can only be committed by whites against other racial and ethnic minorities.

And this post, Every White Man's Nightmare...
Sgt. Crowley is a white police officer who was racially profiled by both President Obama and Professor Gates.  Both black men made an initial assumption about Sgt. Crowley's intentions and proceeded to impugn his actions.  Professor Gates went so far as to call Sgt. Crowley, according to ABC News, a "racist."  One has to wonder: Harvard, Yale, and Columbia – all that education and all that money – to simply reaffirm a tired ideology about the white power structure.
What's every white man's nightmare?  To be treated as a stereotype and as less than human.  Several decades ago the federal government decided to atone for America's accumulated racial sins by targeting a small group of innocent victims: white males applying for promotions in education and other state professions.  The program is called "Affirmative Action."  So much for spreading the blame around.

But this is America.  When it comes to racism, whites are presumed guilty until proven innocent.

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