Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just say no

This piece, by Jim Yardley, at American Thinker Blog: Just trying to be a good neighbor

...the inescapable conclusion appears to be that those manufacturers and producers of food products that contain trans-fats, salt, sugar and so on, are acting in ways that our political class could never condone because they are so obviously not acting as good neighbors to the citizens of a few of the several states or to those poor folk who live in the People's Republic of San Francisco.

It seems obvious that the best way that these nefarious peddlers of toxic sugar and salt can make amends for their disgusting and inexcusable behavior would be for them to voluntarily cease selling their products in those jurisdictions that find them objectionable.

This does not mean that they should change the recipes for their products. No, that is the last thing that they should do. They should band together and cease providing Twinkies, or hot dogs, butter, cheese, eggs, cake, cookies, soda and other such vile things into states and municipalities where they are unwelcome. And do it immediately and suddenly. Say, tomorrow for instance.

Those states that are affected by this sudden shortage of food items would be forced to spend considerable effort and money to secure their borders lest any illicit smuggling of these dreaded and probably addictive products enter their jurisdictions. The vigorous enforcement of anti-food smuggling legislation will surely win the heartfelt approbation of all those citizens who would not otherwise be able to resist the siren call of a free-range Dunkin Donut.

Surely no health-conscious citizen, or illegal alien for that matter, could possible object to being stopped at the state border, or the city limits, and have their vehicles searched for contraband food items.

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