Monday, July 05, 2010

The Johnson McCain Insult-fest

This from The Blogmocracy:
Robert Stacy McCain responds to charges of racism leveled by the owner of Little Green Footballs.  Among other comments:

I've studied Johnson's modus operandi and, what's more, I know the type: People who seek to impress others by a pretended expertise, and who become enraged when it is pointed out that they don't actually know what they're talking about. Everybody knows the guy who, when among a group of football fans watching a game on TV, makes a point of lecturing about the zone defense, etc., presenting himself as an authority to whom others must defer. And if you question his authority, however mildly, he'll get angry and start arguing vehemently as if disagreement were an insult. It's about him, you see.

I do believe I've encountered the type before.  I can't say whether this is the case at LGF, but I think it is elsewhere.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I had a friend like that. Needless to say, we didn't remain friends for long LOL