Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Michelle Malkin » Left-wing thug of the day

Michelle Malkin » Left-wing thug of the day:
Voters on Tuesday repealed the state’s same sex marriage law after an emotionally charged campaign that drew large numbers to the polls and focused national attention on Maine.

…”In a defiant speech to several hundred lingering supporters, No on 1 campaign manager Jesse Connolly pledged that his side “will not quit until we know where every single one of these votes lives.””

“We’re not short-timers; we are here for the long haul,” Connolly told the crowd, some of whom wiped away tears as he spoke. “Whether it’s just all night and into the morning, or next week or next month or next year, we will be here. We’ll be fighting, we’ll be working. We will regroup.”
Police are investigating a pair of threats against gay marriage opponents in Maine.

Marc Mutty from Stand for Marriage Maine says a threatening voicemail message was discovered Monday morning at campaign headquarters in which a female caller said, “You will be dead. Maybe not today, not tomorrow. But soon you’ll dead.” Police in Yarmouth are investigating.

Augusta police say a separate voicemail threat targeted Michael Heath, former leader of the Christian Civic League of Maine and its successor, the Maine Family Policy Council. Heath wasn’t actively involved in the gay marriage campaign, but he fought against a gay rights law in campaigns in 1998, 2000 and 2005.

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Chino Blanco said...

Regarding your first example, an explanation is apparently required:

Jesse was talking about ID'ing marriage equality supporter votes. Because, even as good as the No side's Get-Out-The-Vote operation was, it obviously wasn't good enough, and Jesse is speaking to the need to ID even more No voters in order to be able to get them to the polls and vote.

It's pretty hard to canvass and phonebank as part of GOTV unless you know where your support lives. Both sides work from voter lists, and both sides spend lots of time ID'ing their supporters from those lists.

The real story here is that Malkin and her supporters apparently understand nothing about how actual campaigns are run.