Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Israel's left wakes up

Dennis Prager has suggested holding plebiscites in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, and Western Europe. The question to be decided: "Do you want American troops to withdraw from your country immediately?"

If the answer is "yes", American troops leave, and the country is now responsible for its own defense.

This, he believes, would focus the minds of everyone in the affected country, including the anti-American left. They would have to actually think about why they have the freedom to express their opinions, and indeed, to do much of anything else.

Now, it looks like the apparent fact of abandonment by US power is having that same effect on Israel's left.

From Bookworm Blog:

I think Obama has done a good thing for Israel. With his abandonment of Israel, leaving Israel hanging out in the wind on her own, even the Israeli Left has been forced to face a reality they previously denied: Palestinians are not partners in peace. They are a force aimed at Israel’s total destruction and the death of her citizens.

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