Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Glenn Reynolds On Online College Educations

via Advice Goddess Blog on 5/8/12

Glenn Reynolds On Online College Educations
Reynolds writes at washingtonexaminer.com:
Another opportunity exists in alternative methods of certifying knowledge. A college diploma serves as a basic signifier of its holder's basic competence, but with costs running well into the six figures, it's an awfully expensive credential.
MIT/Harvard will start certifying online students, and that may be just the beginning. The Cato Institute's Andrew Coulson suggests that people should accumulate knowledge in life, then build a portfolio that will directly demonstrate their knowledge to future employers. He calls it savoir faire: (Literally: "know how to do.")
I think that's a really nice idea but find that people are often unable to assess for themselves whether another person is qualified and like to fall back on credentialism.

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