Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A thought on marriage from Facebook

One of my FB friends posted a photo with the caption:
"Kim Kardashian made 17 million
dollars off her wedding
divorced 72 days later"
"And they're worried about gays
ruining the sanctity of marriage?"
So I asked,
So what are your objections (if any) to a divorce that soon after the wedding?
The answer I got was:
my only objection is that they obviously married too soon, people r quick to get married because divorce is an option... whats the point of getting married if ur just gonna divorce?
So I followed up:
I don't know. What is the point of getting married either way?
The response to that:
ya know im not even sure anymore. it used to mean something....
And I pointed out:

True. Then we started relaxing standards in order to be nice to people, and we wound up with something that really doesn't mean a whole lot.
Nowadays, it's hard to get people to name any point to marriage that justifies all the paperwork.

So my point remains, people are hard put to say why marriage is so darn important to them.  They know, somewhere in the back of their mind, that it's special, and because of that they want it.  But when they look at the results of everything that's been done to make it available to everyone who wants it, they start to realize it's not special any more.
This can be allowed to continue, or society can attempt to turn it around.
And deciding not to decide is a decision.

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