Monday, November 21, 2011

This Is the Pepper Spray Police Used on UC Davis Protesters (Updated)

This Is the Pepper Spray Police Used on UC Davis Protesters (Updated)

Here, the blogger complains about the strength of the pepper spray used by the police at UC Davis. However, a comment to the post says:

jryan727 @Butters619
Yep, exactly. I have many family and friends in law enforcement, and these situations are terrifying for them. I know that it looks like a bunch of kids sitting down "peacefully" protesting, but these gatherings have quickly broken down into violence these past few days. The police were outnumbered, and if they were to try and physically remove the kids, it could have gotten physical, which can quickly trigger group violence, and that "mob mentality". Then the police are in the situation where they're surrounded by a bunch of angry kids, and all it takes is one.. just one of them to grab the gun off of one of the officers and shoot someone.

I can see how this certainly does look excessive, but the fact is the kids were breaking the law and did have plenty of time to leave. It's not like the police were running around pepper spraying random people on the street - that would be insane, obviously. It also appears as though they knew they were about to be pepper sprayed, and as soon as the first person was sprayed, it should have been abundantly clear that they would all be pepper sprayed - so there were numerous chances for them to simply get up and move to the sidelines, out of the pathway.

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