Thursday, October 06, 2011

The latest attack on Michelle Bachmann

One of my Facebook contacts posted a link to a piece from the L.A. Times blogs.  It referred to the New Yorker piece.  If she hadn't posted that link and suggested sterilization for Evangelical Christians, I would not have been primed to follow the link below.
Good work, Bachmann haters!
Lesson #1: Make sure your quotes say what you claim they say — If you put words in quotes and credit them to a speaker, make sure you understand the context.
Lesson #2: Ensure that you use reliable sources — As I mentioned, Schaeffer has been the subject of numerous studies. There are dozens of qualified and reputable scholars who would be willing to explain his thought and influence. Unfortunately, while Lizza did find a PhD to provide a quote, he chose one that is known for being an unreliable source.
Lesson #3: If you claim something is said in a book, make sure it is said in that book — This is related to Lesson #1. It's not that hard to track down sources when they are in print.
Lesson #4: Don't rely on fact-checkers to save you – If you lack journalistic integrity and basic research skills, even the world-renowned New Yorker fact-checking department can't save you from embarrassing yourself.

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