Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Are Republicans or Democrats More Anti-Science? - Reason Magazine

Are Republicans or Democrats More Anti-Science? - Reason Magazine
On biological evolution, the survey reported that 97 percent of scientists agree that living things, including human beings, evolved over time and that 87 percent of them think that this was an entirely natural process not guided by a supreme being. Some 36 percent of Democrats believe that humans naturally evolved; 22 percent believe that evolution was guided by a supreme being; and 30 percent don’t believe humans have evolved over time. The corresponding figures for Republicans are 23 percent, 26 percent, and 39 percent, respectively.

Percent affirmingScientistsDemocratsRepublicans
Living things evolved975859
Unguided process873623
Guided by supreme being102226
Did not happen33039

On climate change, the Pew survey reported that 84 percent of scientists believe that the recent warming is the result of human activity. Among Democrats, 64 percent responded that the Earth is getting warming mostly due to human activity, whereas only 30 percent of Republicans thought so. That is truly a deep divide on this scientific issue.

Percent affirmingScientistsDemocratsRepublicans
Human activity causing global warming846430
Funding embryonic stem cell research7138
Favor animal research4862
Favor building nuclear plants704562
Think biotech foods are safe4248

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