Friday, March 25, 2011

Lighting a Koran candle

"If your enemy is easily irritated, seek to irritate him." -- Sun Tzu
From Prairie Pundit:

...United States President Barack Obama, top US commander in Afghanistan General David Petraeus, the Vatican, and every talking head across the political spectrum screamed in unison until this Florida fringe preacher with a congregation that could meet in a double-wide listened, rather like Dr Seuss' Horton hearing the Who.

Enlightened opinion prevailed, but at high cost: L'Affaire Jones demonstrated that a madman carrying a match and a copy of the Koran can do more damage to the Muslim world than a busload of suicide bombers....
It appears to be a chain easily pulled. fire up a Koran or do a cartoon about Mohammad and you set off an incredible tantrum that causes most of the rest of the world to lose respect for Islam.
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