Thursday, March 10, 2011

Andrew Breitbart on NPRscam

Hugh Hewitt interviews Andrew Breitbart on NPR sting: Andrew Breitbart on NPRscam
About this story, Breitbart says, among other things:
I told James, you put this on YouTube, not on proprietary Breitbart software, because you have to become legitimized as an independent reporter in order for this, your project, and your desires to change the media, and to report stories that the mainstream media won’t report. And so I stepped back, and I watched him break the story, and I come in so I don’t become the story, because this story’s too important to allow for it to be diverted into selectively edited video. And all the other propaganda points that you hear, or you know, or the attacks on me, why are you working with Breitbart, why is O’Keefe working with Breitbart, why is Breitbart working with O’Keefe? We needed this story to stand on its own.
NPR has a few questions to ask. At the beginning of the day, their statement was that they repeatedly rejected the money from this Muslim Brotherhood front operation. Later in the day, their media reporter, David Folkenflik elaborates on that, and simply states that they were looking up their 501c3 status, in essence that they were vetting. So I believe NPR’s been caught in a lie. And I don’t think they’re going to be able to prove that they tried to reject the Muslim Brotherhood money. I think that’s where the scandal is, and that people don’t see that right now.

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