Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ten GOP Health Ideas for Obama

Newt Gingrich and John Goodman present ten ideas for health care – ideas which the Democrates have studiously ignored: Ten GOP Health Ideas for Obama's where he should start:

• Make insurance affordable. The current taxation of health insurance is arbitrary and unfair, giving lavish subsidies to some, like those who get Cadillac coverage from their employers, and almost no relief to people who have to buy their own.

• Make health insurance portable.

• Meet the needs of the chronically ill.

• Allow doctors and patients to control costs.

• Don't cut Medicare.

• Protect early retirees.

• Inform consumers.

• Eliminate junk lawsuits.

• Stop health-care fraud.

• Make medical breakthroughs accessible to patients.

The solutions presented here can be the foundation for a patient-centered system. Let's hope the president has the courage to embrace them.

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