Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Chutzpah in New London

Tim Shaughnessy, in Division of Labour, reports on the latest newspaper story from New London.

The Fairfield County Weekly reports that the city of New London: a) claims that, thanks to the ruling vindicating the city's condemnation of their land, the homeowners have been living on city property and thus owe the city back rent, b) claims that said homeowners have been living on city property ever since the city condemned their property back in 2000, and c) therefore the city owes the homeowners "just compensation" according to the fair market value of the homes. But the fair market value in 2000, not today.

I'm almost inclined to suspect a conspiracy on the part of the New London bureaucracy to do away with eminent domain altogether. If they can make it sufficiently unpopular, it will be legislated out of existence.

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