Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bush on ID

From The Scientist blog

So did President Bush really advocate teaching "intelligent design" in his interview with Texas reporters the other day? Or were his musings about exposing students to different ideas simply a better-than-average example of political weasel-speak?
Carl Zimmer, an author, science reporter, and fine blogger on evolution, says he would have asked the President how he reconciles teaching intelligent design alongside evolution with the fact that no administration, his own included, has ever funded studies based on ID.

I read that and cringed. Can't you hear Bush replying, "Really? How 'bout that? Dang, they should be getting tax money too!" You can bet creationists are thinking up ways to make that happen even as we speak. Just what the funding agencies need: more White House and Congressional pressure to underwrite their pet projects and (literally) sacred cows. As if the federal grant-making process isn't politicized enough.

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