Saturday, September 06, 2014

What You Weren't Told About The Minimum Wage

2012 BLS Characteristics of Minimum Wage Workers:
Food service productivity graph:
Christopher Wheeler study:
The race between education and technology:
Christina Romer on the minimum wage:
Australia minimum wage information:
OECD comparative price level data:
Unpaid work report for Australia:
Neumark & Wascher (1997):
Vedder & Gallaway (2001):
Sabia & Burkhauser (2010):
Sabia & Nielsen (2012):
Douglas Holtz-Eakin on the minimum wage:
78.7 percent of minimum wage workers were not in poverty in 2011:
Average MW family income over $53k (Heritage):
Average MW family income about $49k (AAF):
Three-fifths of minimum wage workers get pay raises within one year:
Only four percent of MW workers are single parents:
James Sherk (Heritage) testimony on MW (includes implicit marginal tax rates):
65 percent of adults in poverty do not work:
Minimum wage effect on prices:
Card & Krueger (1994):
Dube, Lester, Reich (2010):
Allegretto, Dube, Reich (2011):
Neumark & Wascher response to CK (1995):
Neumark, Salas, Wascher response to DLR, ADR (2013):
Antony Davies on minimum wage:
Neumark & Wascher (2006) meta-review of MW research:
Neumark & Nizalova (2004) on long-run MW effects:
Walter Williams on minimum wage effects on black teens:
Minimum wage associated with black teen unemployment:
Other good links:
Bob Murphy summarizes recent MW research:
Cato summary of minimum wage effects:
Coomer & Wessels on larger MW effects for MW-employed teens:
Neumark & Wascher international minimum wage study (2003):
Neumark & Wascher argue against publication bias (1998):
Analysis of UChicago MW poll results:
A 2006 survey of AEA PhD members indicates 46.8% prefer to eliminate minimum wage:
EITC already bolsters low-wage workers' incomes:
(P.S. I know the thumbnail of this video has supply and demand confused; the graphic is an embarrassing fail from a Daily Show mockery of Peter Schiff.)

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