Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fwd: New at Reason: David Harsanyi on Getting Government Out of Marriage

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Imagine if government had no interest in the definition of marriage, writes David Harsanyi. Individuals could commit to each other, head to the local priest or rabbi or shaman—or no one at all—and enter into contractual agreements, call their blissful union whatever they felt it should be called, and go about the business of their lives. Isn't it about time we freed marriage from the state?

Time for a Divorce

Why government should get out of the marriage business

In the 1500s, a pestering theologian instituted something called the Marriage Ordinance in Geneva, which made "state registration and church consecration" a dual requirement of matrimony.
In our Utopian vision, no group is empowered to dictate what marriage should mean to another. And one of the great perks would be the end of this debate.

Ultimately, though, I'm not sure how many Libertarians really want Government out of marriage. There seems to remain the assumption that married couples will continue to get the tax and other legal benefits that accrue to married couples today.

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