Monday, July 23, 2012

The Media Botches Aurora

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Verbruggen offers five tips for reporters who would cover this sort of incident:

1. Before declaring that gun control is the answer, think of a gun-control policy that actually could have made a difference.
2. Make sure the way your story is framed matches the information in it.
3. Verify facts before reporting them.

Obviously, here I'm referring to ABC's Brian Ross, who the day of the shooting speculated — without making any attempt to verify — that the "Jim Holmes" of Aurora, Colo., who had a Tea Party Patriots website, was the same person as the shooter. As we all now know, these are two different people.
4. Don't forget: A law about where you can take your guns won't stop a pre-planned massacre.
5. If you've heard an anti-gun talking point repeated a million times, look into it before publishing it.

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