Saturday, June 18, 2011

Speaking of Marriage and Religion - By Kathryn Jean Lopez - The Corner - National Review Online

Speaking of Marriage and Religion - By Kathryn Jean Lopez - The Corner - National Review Online
Frequently, we are told by the Left that religious folk ought to leave their religion out of politics. But they of course, make use of it when convenient.
As Tom Messner points out:
a group called Marriage Equality New York published a blog post titled “Faith Leaders from Across New York Issue Statement in Support of Marriage Equality.” According to the statement, its “Signatories Join734 Additional New York State Clergy and Lay Leaders in Urging Lawmakers to Pass Marriage Legislation.”


[T]he Ruth Institute has published a pamphlet setting forth “77 Non-Religious Reasons for Man/Woman Marriage.” This important resource provides compelling evidence that people can and do support marriage as one man and one woman for non-religious reasons.

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Married31Years said...

You must be kidding!! Have you read "77 Reasons"? The Ruth Institute does this cause no favors with this poorly reasoned list of "reasons" (they should look up the meaning of the word "reason"), several of which were immediately and compellingly refuted when I raised them in discussions with liberals, and many of which I simply refused to raise because I myself recognized them as patently invalid and easily refuted. Many of the "reasons" could easily be levied against the practice of adoption! Shall we also outlaw adoption? Crips, one of my friends even pointed out the namesake of the institute, Ruth, was married twice and therefore a contradiction of the institute's motto "One man, one woman, for life."

The Ruth Institute, would do us all a favor by withdrawing this poorly considered list of "77 Reasons" and give us GOOD arguments that don't make us look like fools when we raise them!! Are they truly supporting traditional marriage? Because this effort looks more like an exploitation of "confirmation bias" in an effort to pump a chosen market segment for donations!