Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top Six Planned Parenthood Deceptions: In Order of Increasing Absurdity

The secret camera folks are at it again, and Planned Parenthood doesn't seem to have learned from experience.
Deception 6) "We reported this to the FBI"
Planned Parenthood wrote the FBI a letter a week after our investigation, only after they realized that Live Action had conducted the sting.They say this themselves. As much as they may pretend, Planned Parenthood was not attempting to help send human traffickers to jail; they were attempting to pre-empt the release of Live Action's footage.
If Planned Parenthood really cared about reporting potential sex traffickers to authorities, they would have called police while the pimp was in the clinic, or immediately after. Not wasting a minute. Planned Parenthood, where are the reports from the now SIX clinics we've released, that you immediately called the police?
Deception 5) Live Action Videos Are All "Doctored" and a "Hoax"
We have heard this tired claim from Planned Parenthood every time we release a video. Yet every time we've released a video, we post the full, unedited footage online for all to see, and send the full, unedited footage to state and federal authorities. Planned Parenthood can't argue with the full footage.
Planned Parenthood, if you really think our videos are "fake", "doctored" and a "hoax", why did you yesterday claim that you will be retraining your entire staff of 11,000?
Deception 4) "We are retraining our entire staff of 11,000″
First of all, we have heard the "retraining staff" excuse before.

When Live Action released undercover footage in December of 2008 showing the sexual abuse cover up of a 13 year old girl at Planned Parenthood, the organization called for "re-training". Clearly, that re-training (whatever it was) didn't last very long, if two years later Planned Parenthood workers are caught on tape working with human traffickers to provide services, ways to get around pesky parental involvement laws that protect children, tax-funded discounts and even business advice.
A final question: How exactly will Planned Parenthood be "training" it's staff? Will the training be a special seminar on how to recognize Live Action cameras?
Deception 3) Virginia Staff Acted "Professionally"
This is one of the most disturbing statements we have heard yet from Planned Parenthood higher-ups.
Virginia staff, on all four tapes released in Virginia, were very helpful to the self-identified pimp of underage sex slaves. Staffers assured him it was confidential, offered him information on how to get cheaper birth control (link: ), on how to get free STD testing, told him how to use the website and phone system  and even coached him how to use judicial bypasses to get secret abortions for his underage sex slaves.
This is not professional; this is criminal. It is criminal and incredibly offensive and harmful to the victims of abuse across our nation.
Deception 2) This is an "isolated incident"
Live Action has now released six more clinics in the past week, all showing Planned Parenthood workers, at all levels of the organization, willing to aid and abet the human traffickers of underage girls.
This is an institutional crisis that has engulfed the whole organization. No matter how many times Planned Parenthood's PR firm says "isolated incident", the growing body of evidence still stands.
Deception 1) We have a zero-tolerance policy for abuse, and you should trust us.
If anyone can still believe this, I don't know if there is any evidence in the world that will convince them otherwise.

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