Wednesday, October 06, 2010

How News Bias shows

Patterico looks at a couple of news accounts and how bias shows up in them. In the first one: Patterico's Pontifications » L.A. Times Headlines Perpetrate Outrageous Distortion of Campaign Finance Figures in California Gubernatorial Election we have a basic pattern for news stories:
Headline Disfavoring Republican in Bold Somewhat longer headline in italics, called the “deck headline,” elaborating on why the story disfavors the Republican

DATELINE — Lead that disfavors Republican.

Second paragraph that disfavors Republican.

Later paragraph, expressed as an aside, that completely undermines point of entire story.
The example he cites is a comparison between Meg Whitman's funding and Jerry Brown's funding.
In another post, James O'Keefe gives his side of the story. And the media is still getting facts wrong.

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