Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Look what just got cited as a reference?

The Southern Poverty Law Center!

From Discover The Networks:

  •   Monitors the activities of what it calls “hate groups” in the United States
  •   Exaggerates the prevalence of white racism directed against American minorities
As part of the Intelligence Project, the SPLC website currently features a map of "Active U.S. Hate Groups." Deeming racism the the nearly exclusive province of the "radical right," Intelligence Project reports mostly ignore groups on the left. And although SPLC denounces extremist religious organizations like the Jewish Defense League and Westboro Baptist Church, no mention is made of any extremist Muslim groups. (In 2007, SPLC identified 888 separate "active hate groups" in the United States.)

To be sure, the link I was handed as evidence of the growth of hate groups was extremely sparse with respect to methodology.

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